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We believe in celebrating life - the simple, beautiful, perfectly imperfect day-to-day life. We find inspiration in authentic human connection, the slow pace of nature, and ordinary moments at home. We enjoy the art of making a house a home - a haven surrounded by people we love and things that inspire us to live in the present. Whether it's a family meal, impromptu dance parties, little hands digging in the bare brown earth, or a late-night feeding, we believe that our day-to-day routines can produce extraordinary joy. We love the smell of fresh cut herbs, a curated gallery wall, a handwritten note, and morning snuggles in bed. Above all, we desire to live life and celebrate it fully, believing there are fragments of beauty to be found in it all, even the brokenness and imperfections. 


Maison Everett is home to the creative pursuits of founder and director, Holly Everett. Holly incorporates hand lettering, calligraphy, illustration and design into products that inspire others to celebrate life and relationships. The result is a collection of beautiful paper goods and gifts that encourage human connection and help to make your house a home. All of our products are produced locally with attention to quality and detail in the hopes that they will remain with you for years to come. Holly also shares about her work, personal happenings, and all that inspires her process on her blog. You can read more here


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