Whip 'Em Out!

I've been reading a lot about breasts lately (...for doula training), and how our bodies are created to not only carry babies but also to provide the perfect supplement for them once they are born.  There are many benefits to breastfeeding, one in particular is that it reduces your chances for breast cancer.  Seeing that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought this was only appropriate to share...

Breastfeeding isn't the most common topic of conversation.  I think if women spoke more freely about their experiences and fears we may see more mamas willing to take on the task.  It isn't always easy, and yes, it can hurt!  In the end, though, the benefits make it worth the efforts...the advantages for both mama and baby make we want to join in saying, "Whip 'em out!"  Here are some great celeb and real mamas breastfeeding stories.  Do you talk to your friends about it? I've been surprised how many women want to share their thoughts and stories.

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