Turnips for Tots

Turnip Recipes for Kids, Turnips for Tots, Maison Everett BlogHappy Friday!  Do you have any plans for the weekend?  We're supposed to see some sunshine after the crazy weather we've had here in the South all week.  Tomorrow morning we'll venture to our farmers market like always, and I'm hoping they will still have one of my favorite new veggies:  Turnips.  Yes, it's true I tell you.  I never ate them growing up, and the poor yet beautiful vegetable doesn't have the best reputation.  But we've been giving them a try over the past year and we all love them, babe included!  There are several ways to cook them up, and here's a few of my favorites along with some I'm excited to try...

The quickest and easiest way is to eat them raw (my personal favorite).  I simply wash and cut into thin slices to add to any salad.  No need to peel!

Did you know you can introduce turnips to babies before they turn one?  We started giving them to Remy when he was around 9 months mainly by steaming them but here are some other great combinations for when they are this young.

I made this turnip lentil soup last week, and it was delicious. Now that Remy is old enough to eat a variety of foods (he's 18 months with a full mouth of teeth), he loves chunky soups.  As with most of my soups, I always add more garlic and veggies than what the recipe recommends.

You could try a Creamy Turnip Soup  that is pureed and perhaps easier for younger ones to enjoy (along with everyone else in the family).

Another yummy veggie in season usually around the same time as turnips are radishes.  These Honey-Glazed Radishes and Turnips look delicious, and I imagine the bit of sweetness will make them a winner with the little ones.

Do you and your family eat turnips?  Let us know your favorite ways to cook them up if so!  And don't forget to enter our GIVEAWAY, which would pair perfectly with your kitchen happenings!

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