A Weekend at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located about an hour southwest of Amman.  We decided to rent a car for the venture so we could go at our own pace and visit other areas nearby during our stay.  Driving in Amman is an adventure all in itself!  I've driven the streets of Paris and navigating through a city that large doesn't even begin to compare to the way people drive here.  Remember when I mentioned they don't use car seats?  Well we learned they also don't use their rearview mirrors but they do use their horns...a lot.  Thankfully, Greg got us around and we're still here to share about our visit to the earth's lowest elevation on land...the Dead Sea! Since we're living in Jordan right now we chose to stay on the Jordanian side, but you can also plan a trip here to stay on the Israeli side.  After checking into our resort we quickly drove up to the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex for a late lunch and our first view of this gorgeous place.  Looking out past the haze and the sea, on the other side lies Bethleham and Jerusalem...The Dead Sea, A Visit to Dead Sea, Maison Everett Blog We returned to our resort for the rest of the day to simply enjoy the air conditioning, the pool, and the view.  Hooray for a room with a balcony overlooking the sea! deadsea01-blog14 Maison Everett Blog | A Trip to the Dead Sea deadsea01-blog02 Greg couldn't wait for me to get in the sea to see what it was like (he's been in it before).  The water itself felt wonderful - not too hot or too cold - and it had an almost oily consistency to it.  So different than anything I've ever experienced.  You can only stay in the water for 10-20 minutes max because of the rich mineral concentration.  I didn't think I was going to let Remy get in because we've heard how terribly painful it can be if you get the salt water in your eyes.  But once I was down there I couldn't help but let him test out the waters with me.  So as the sun began to set we floated on water for the very first time... deadsea01-blog04 deadsea01-blog09 deadsea01-blog05 Remy loved the rocky shore line where he could toss rocks into the water.  I love this photo with the sun setting behind the mountains of the Holy Land, him looking out that way (it's still surreal for me to even type this and that I get to share this with him when he's older and can understand)...  deadsea01-blog07 The next day we made a trip to Mt. Nebo and Madaba that I'll share about that in another post. We then spent the afternoon swimming and getting a true mud therapy bath. I surprised myself putting that mud all over my body. It was really warm and icky!  But it was worth it because its supposed to be incredible for your skin and getting in the salty water to wash it off felt so refreshing. deadsea01-blog12 deadsea01-blog13 We were thankful for a weekend away from the bustle of the city, to enjoy a slower pace and new experience. We'll visit the Dead Sea again from the Israeli side next month when Greg's dad comes for a visit.  Speaking of which, its hard to believe that we're nearly half way through our time in Jordan.  We leave at the end of this month for Tel Aviv, and I feel like we're just getting settled into our rhythm here.  Remy has been such a champ through all of the traveling and changes.  I'm so impressed with his ability to adapt...sometimes better than his mama and daddy;)  Hope you are well wherever this finds you.   xo, *holly. Maison Everett Blog | A Trip to the Dead Sea PS: I post photos daily about our adventures to my Instagram if you want to follow along.

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The Dead Sea