Party Decor | Mini-Inspiration Board

Handmade gifts and decorations are my favorite.  It's part about the gift and part about the time and thought that goes into it that shows how much you love someone.  Any free time I have these days is spent sewing and crafting for a baby shower my friends and I are hosting at the end of this month.  Before I had all the ideas in my mind of what I wanted to create I scoured pinterest pages and other blogs to find DIY crafts and projects.  These are a few of the images that I was drawn to right away, and I love how their colors compliment one another.  I'll wait until after the shower to share photographs with you of all that we did to celebrate our future little monkey 'nephew'.  Until then, I thought these images served well as a mini-inspiration board for perhaps another project someone may be working on.  Happy weekend!  Will you spend it doing any crafts? Do share your ideas with us, if so!  xoxo....*holly.

*cake* *watercolor leaf garland* *globes* *map sailboat* *gold flags*

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