This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend SEEING SMALL, a workshop held by two incredibly talented kid photographers from the west coast.  They gave away one seat randomly, and I was the lucky winner!  It was such a privilege to hear Sarah and Carrie speak honest, thoughtful words about the business and creative sides of photographing kids, and Rena Tom speak about the necessities of social media and online presence for small businesses.  One of several things I walked away with was setting exercises for myself, writing them down, and actually following through with them.  This makes us think bigger, see more intuitively and grow at our craft.  My first exercise I decided to do was to shoot my time in San Francisco from a lifestyle perspective...via iPhone.  I didn't want to carry my big camera around with me, and I always have a strange fear that I cannot capture a true moment or story with my phone.  Well, I pushed past that and here's my storyboard of iPhone photographs of my time in San Francisco: Looking back, I am already so thankful that I did this.  The board may not be very interesting to just anybody but to me it will be a visual I can always pull up to recall the sweet memories from this weekend.   I walked away from the weekend rejuvenated and excited for what's to come doe Katherine Holly Photography, from the little ways I can better serve my clients to the new ideas stirring in my head that will make me THINKbigger as a result of SEEINGsmaller ; )

And now, a preview of real photographs from the workshop.  I photographed most of this on film so I am waiting patiently (okay, impatiently) to get my film back to share more with you!Thank you Carrie and Sarah for giving this little southern gal the opportunity to come out to California for the workshop.  I had the most wonderful time, met the most wonderful women, and learned under the best kiddo photographers I know.  Thank you.  Perhaps SEEING SMALL will make it's way south?  Everyone here would love y'all ; )

If I lived in New York City...

Arian Behzadi | Illustration