Real Food for Real Babies

Food, glorious food.  It's hard to believe that little R began eating solids about a month ago.  While eating has become a new daily favorite I would be lying if I didn't say there is a slight mourning process knowing my newborn is officially an older infant.  How does it happen so quickly?!  Nonetheless, we have jumped in to the mess of real food and are loving it! So what does that look like in our household?  Well, our diet is typically based around what's in season where we live.  I shop at the local farmers market on Saturday mornings, and then either at The Fresh Market or Whole Foods to get other things like grains in bulk or organic veggies that are on sale (and are usually so because they are in season).  We budget our food wisely so that we are getting the best bang for our buck.  The best bang in our house is simple: local, fresh, organic-if on sale.  This goes for vegetables, fruits and meats for the most part.  And it is for little R as much as it is for mama and dad. He essentially eats what we eat just without all the spice/additional ingredients mixed in.  For example, we had oatmeal this morning-  the real deal - not the boxed baby oatmeal cereal.  I added a bit of cinnamon to his and added my usual mix of yumminess to mine.  He loves it and has no problems with it.  I never realized how easy it could be to make his food (and how much I was saving by doing so!) if I'm already making a meal for myself.  I use this chart as a guideline while also keeping in mind what's in season:  Over the past two months, certain foods have become staples for us.  From this list alone I can make several combinations of food options for him, and then I will add in fresh veggies/fruits to the mix - whatever I find at the farmers market that week:  It's important for me to note that little R still breastfeeds 5 times a day!  So while his solid food adventure is now in full force it doesn't take place of breast milk.  And he also snacks on cheerios (unsweetened, organic, 5 ingredients) occasionally.  They are the perfect snack to help him with hand eye coordination, and its pretty cute watching him  try to get a single little O into his mouth;)  I recommend perusing through Wholesome Baby Food to see all the great ideas and options for your little ones.  Its been my go-to source whenever I have a question about a specific food or if he is old enough to try something new.  Feel free to ask any other questions if you're interested in how we go about doing food for little R.  Enjoy the day.

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