Our Birth Plan

This past weekend Greg and I ventured to Nashville to spend time with family and friends who threw us a baby shower for little Remy.  As we loaded the car, both of us just looked at one another and said, "This is happening."  I'm sure every first parent has this realization at some point...the moment when you are surrounded by tiny little clothes, bottles, Dr. Suess books, a stroller that will all-to-soon hold your baby...your baby that you created.  It is surreal.  We've got about 9 weeks to go until our little man enters this world, which means just 2 short months to finish preparing.  I have started working on our birth plan that explains in short detail what we desire for an all natural, un-medicated labor and delivery.  Every birth doesn't go as planned so it simply shares our desires if things do fall into place without any complications.  I thought I'd share what I have with you as of now in the chance you, too, are in the same process, or have thought about it but didn't know exactly where to start or what to include.  Again, this is our personal plan as a couple so take and leave what you will!  Feel free to comment or shoot me an email if you have questions about something I noted on the plan.  I can talk about birth all day long ;)  And here's a preview of our family with my little growing bump that Britney photographed for us two weeks ago.  We can't wait for Greta (our pup) to meet him, too!

Enjoy the day!  xoxo, *holly

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