On Winter and Our First Dozen Eggs

Maison Everett Blog, Raising Chickens in Your Backyard, Fresh EggsIt's Monday, the windows are open and the sun is shining.  I'm so thankful.  And it seems my hens are as well.  This is my first winter with the girls, and I am learning a lot about chickens. and patience. and expectations.  Their laying habits are dependent on certain factors including  the temperature and the amount of daylight in a day. It just so happened they were at prime egg-laying age when the weather started getting cold and the days shorter.   Little did I know they wouldn't start laying.  So we've had our girls now for nearly 9 months, and it's only recently that we've reaped the benefits that I expected about 2 months ago.  At first I was disappointed but I've come to realize it's much like gardening.  You plant, you water, you wait, you hope, you reap, you savor, you start again.  There's a season for each part of the process.  Some seem longer and less giving than others.  But the seasons that give, they give fully.  I mentioned a few posts back about how cold dreary weather make me less productive.  As much as I dislike those dreary days, I am thankful for them because them make me appreciate the gorgeous days in a way I wouldn't if it was the norm.  The winter is necessary for without it we wouldn't know the joy that comes with spring.  And spring has slowly started showing her face to us over the last few days.  My hens seemed to have noticed.  They've started laying, and we're finally averaging 2 eggs a day.  So we're taking what we can get without expectation of any more, and we're celebrating our first full dozen carton of eggs fresh from the backyard.  Oh, and our very first blue egg:)  What a treat. chicken   Maison Everett Blog, Raising Chickens in Your Backyard, Fresh Eggs

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