On Saying Goodbye to my Hometown

Maison Everett Blog, Blueberry Picking, Motherhood Musings, Thoughts on Lifeblueberry08Our time in Baton Rouge is all too quickly coming to a close.  To be honest, I was only excited about moving here because my family is here, and I knew it would be a season to be near them with the first grand baby.  I never thought I'd call it home again.  But somehow we found ourselves moving into the neighborhood I used to know as a little girl just days after giving birth to my first son.  Law school brought us here.  We moved into our house five days after Remy was born and two weeks before Greg started school. Maison Everett Blog, Blueberry Picking in LouisianaThe first year was pretty chaotic between having a newborn and a husband buried in studies all hours of the day.  In that year, I grew very attached to our home.  I spent almost every waking hour here. and slowly I started to fall in love.  With the natural light that poured in over morning coffee, the yard and kitchen where we spent much of our time, the daily walks with Remy and Greta around the lake, the local market where I could collect fresh foods for my growing babe and family.  I found myself falling in love with my home - with simple things about this city - in a way I didn't think possible.  It was a year of slowing down and soaking in my immediate surroundings. It was a year of simplicity, hardship, growth.  Becoming a mother, learning what patience really looks like, enjoying daily happenings that used to pass by without blink.  And we made it. Maison Everett Blog, Blueberry Picking in LouisianaThe second year has been one of adventuring and relationships.  Toddler years allow for more of that.  In the past several months, I've connected with women I consider dear friends now.  Some of them fellow creatives that at one time I assumed didn't exist in Baton Rouge (forgive me, sweet friends).  But I'm thankful that I've been proven wrong, as much of the sweet things in life do to us.  They show up in ways as almost to say ''oh, if only you would stop and look around you...we are here...venture out to find us".  And venture we have. Maison Everett Blog, Blueberry Picking in LouisianaWith friends that have inspired me in ways that leave me sad to say goodbye to this city.  The place that at one time I never thought I'd truly feel at home.  But I have.  It is home.  I'm thankful I could taste of her fruits before it was too late to recognize how sweet they truly are.  Saturday mornings at the market; play dates with little ones and conversations with their mamas about motherhood, business, beauty, brokeness; prayers from mothers over me with tear soaked eyes and a lifeless womb; naked babe running free with his pup and chickens in the yard; glasses of wine on my parents back deck with the cool fall breeze; summer fruit picking with friends... all in this city that I thought would have little to offer me.  Oh how glad I am that I was wrong. Maison Everett Blog, Blueberry Picking in Louisiana In my time here, I've learned that if I only open my hands - and my heart - there is so much ready to fill them.  Its a bittersweet goodbye.  But I'm learning that's better than just bitter or just sweet.  There's more adventure to be had so it makes the goodbye worthwhile.   But I take with me all that this little city and the beautiful souls have offered to me.  And I leave full. Maison Everett Blog, Blueberry Picking, Motherhood Musings, Thoughts on Life These images were from a recent blueberry picking adventure with two of those beautiful, creative souls, Lindsey and Leigh Ann.  All photos taken by Lindsey.

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