Mount Nebo & A View of the Promised Land

mtnebo-blog18  Maison Everett Blog, Mount Nebo, Visiting Mount NeboDuring our weekend at The Dead Sea, we planned a morning visit to Mount Nebo.  Its about a 30 minute drive from the sea on a narrow winding road through desert valleys up to the top.  According to the book of Deuteronomy, Moses ascended Mt Nebo before his death and was granted a view of the Promised Land, the lands stretching beyond Jordan into Israel.   If you visit today, you get to walk a part of history, to witness firsthand the same view that was given to Moses, to gaze at the valleys below where the gospel of Jesus would first be preached to then go forth to all the nations. Mt Nebo, Visiting Mt Nebo, Maison Everett Blog We arrived just after they opened, and it was nice to be able to roam the area quietly with only a few other visitors. There's a long walkway to the entrance that's marked by a memorial stone. Maison Everett Blog, Mount Nebo, Visiting Mount Nebo mtneboblog 01 The remains of a Byzantine church were discovered in 1933, including some of the mosaic floors created from different periods.  They were doing construction on the church so we weren't able to go inside but they have a small museum with artifacts, mosaics and detailed history of the area. The details in the mosaics were absolutely beautiful.  A kind gentleman also helped Remy light a prayer candle (though I think Rem was more interested in blowing it out than saying a prayer;)  Maison Everett, Mount Nebo, A Visit to Mount Nebo Maison Everett Blog, Mount Nebo, Visiting Mount Nebo mtneboblog 02 mtnebo-blog18 It was quite surreal to walk around the grounds and stand atop the mountain looking down at the valley below.  There aren't words to explain it really.  Pope Benedict XVI visited Mt Nebo during his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2009.  He gave an address that's a beautiful description of this special site, and its far better than anything I could share with you. So I'll leave you with that and well wishes for the weekend ahead.  Enjoy, xoxo

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