Life Lately & A Preview of What's to Come

It's been a little more quiet around here than I'd like.  But I promise there's purpose behind it.  Over the past few months the wheels in my head have been turning with several ideas.  A few of which have made themselves so present I simply can't not do something with them.  As you may know, I started calligraphy just over a year ago.  I found myself writing for hours every single night after Remy went to sleep.  I was a little obsessed if you will;)  Not just with writing calligraphy but the creative freedom it offered and the ways it opened my mind to create and not limit my abilities.  It was an easy decision expanding my business to offer calligraphy to clients alongside my photography services.  I didn't have any true plan in place like I did when I started my photography business.  I wanted to try different projects and see what really fed my creative spirit.  And that it has.  Since launching my new website this past September, I have gotten to work with clients near and far - a logo for a new wine bar in the Upper East Side in Manhattan, a tattoo for a sweet girl in Argentina, custom name meanings for newborn nurseries, the list goes on.  It finally dawned on me when I was working on the tattoo that seriously...someone wants my lettering on her person for the rest of her life?!  There must be something about it that resonates with others, and as an artist, that is the most encouraging sentiment to keep creating.  For so long I thought that my lettering or design ideas were just that - cute ideas.  I never really thought through how they could be more not for my own benefit but for others as well.  The past few months have proved my negative thinking wrong.  And so here I am.  I'm in the process of creating my very own product line narrowing down the items that I'll offer and the words that will adorn.  All of it is inspired by this season of becoming a new mama and pushing my creative limits.  I'm taking risks and learning new ways of doing business.  It's been thrilling, exhausting, scary yet truly so exciting.  I don't know why I feel far more vulnerable than I did when I started my photography business over 4 years ago.  But this is just different.  Maybe because there's more on the line, maybe because it is more a true reflection of who I am.  I haven't quite figured it out but I'm trying to use the vulnerability to be true to what I create.  And hopefully that comes across in what you'll see soon.  I don't have a date for release as there are so many factors left to figure out but it'll be sooner than later, and I can't wait to share it with each of you.  Between now and then you may hear less of me here but know once we're up and running this will be the main source for sharing and more daily creative inspiration.  Thank you for your patience!  And as promised, a small peek behind the scenes preview of what's to come...Maison Everett Blog, Maison Everett Shop, Creative Inspiration, The Business of Creating Maison Everett Blog, Maison Everett Shop, Creative Inspiration, The Business of Creating

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