Kale for Kiddos

kale recipes for baby, kale for kids, kale recipes for kidsKale, the recently-favored-sister to spinach, is gracing many a kitchen these days, including ours.  We've received it in our CSA box a couple of weeks in a row, and it's been fun trying out new ways for all of us to enjoy it. Here are a few of my favorite ideas on how to prepare this delicious green for the kiddos:

This Sauteed Kale recipe is perfect for babies who are venturing into the world of solid foods. Simply sautee and then puree.

Kale Chips are a favorite for everyone in the house!  They are extremely easy to make.

We made a big pot of this Tomato and Kale Soup last week.  Instead of including potatoes, I added a cup of french lentils for protein.  It was delicious.  The great thing about soups is their flexibility - if you don't have everything it calls for don't allow one ingredient to hinder you from making it...just improvise!  You might surprise yourself:)

Kale Mashed Potatoes are on our menu for this week.  I may use the sweet potatoes from our CSA instead.  Do you think it'll still taste good if we do?

Lastly, I haven't tried Green Lemonade yet because, in all honesty, I already have it stuck in my head that Remy will hate it.  I've only heard such stories from other mamas but that isn't a reason not to try...so...I'm putting this on my list for the week!  I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Does kale find a place your kitchen?  What are your favorite ways to prepare it so that your kiddos will love it?

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