International Babywearing Week

Who knew?  There is an international babywearing week...and it's this week! More and more these days you see mamas toting around their little ones by wearing them.  There's something about having them so close  that just makes sense to me.  And having your hands free to grocery shop, pick up around the house, or get through an airport (which we did last week!) is one advantage to wearing baby.  I knew I would attempt it once our little one was here so I began researching the many options available.  After narrowing down to a select few, I finally settled on the Beco Gemini.  I have included a visual of the top contesters, all of which are great options.1. Beco Gemini - This is our baby carrier.  It got great reviews, and is a sturdy build but not as bulky as the Ergo.  I have figured out how to get it on without any help but I am sure I get a few looks while strapping him in whenever we're getting out of the car;)  Little R absolutely loves it, too, which is most important.  I would highly recommend it to all!2. Boba 3G -  This is another sturdy build baby carrier that got great reviews.  I have a friend who absolutely loves it and I would have settled on this one had I not chosen the Beco.  From what I can tell there are very similar in many ways. 3. Ergo -  The Ergo was the first baby carrier I knew about.  It is a sturdy build carrier and is bulkier than the other options mentioned above.  A few friends have really enjoyed this carrier but I wanted something with less material/bulk.  One con I have heard is that it's very complicated to get on/off by yourself if you are shorter.  Other than that, I think it is a great option from the sturdier build carriers out there. 4. Moby Wrap -  This is a great cloth wrap option carrier.  From the reviews, it seems as though it is best for the first couple of months and newborns feel perfectly content wrapped up right next to mama (or daddy).  We didn't get it only because R was born in the dead heat of summer.  It would've been too hot to wrap that much material around the both of us and still be comfortable. 5. Boba Wrap -  This is another cloth wrap and is very similar to the Moby.  We actually just picked one up from a consignment for $8 so I thought it'd be worth trying it out!  Now that we're getting into cooler months I will pull it out and see how little R likes it.  

 In honor of international babywearing week, here is a photo of little R and me during my friend's rehearsal dinner.  We flew to North Carolina, and I couldn't have made it through the weekend without our baby carrier! (*please note: he isn't in optimal position; he fell asleep like this so we snapped a few photos of the cuteness before adjusting him and potentially waking him again) I know there are several options of carriers out there.  It's finding the one that works for you and baby.  Do you wear your little one?  Let us know what your thoughts are and which baby carrier works best for you.


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