How Pinterest Inspires Me

motherhood, pinterest inspiration for motherhoodAre you a pinner?  I can understand how overwhelming Pinterest can be.  It has this strange capability to add an unnecessary guilt to our already full plates.  But it's become a favorite past-time for me over the past few weeks.  I've slowly gotten past feeling the need to bake the most complicatedly-perfect-heart-shaped-triple-layered cake that I obviously should make for my child's class next week (*note: I may not even send Remy with Valentines.  And that's okay.  He's only 18 months old after all;).  What I love so much about it is that it gives me a place to be inspired and to have visuals that I can store in one place.  I pin recipes I may never cook and bedrooms and kitchens I'll never own.  I pin color palettes and tooth bear pillows  and a mamas painting with babe on back.  I pin things that catch my eye and that mean something to me.  All the while we get to share our pinned inspiration with others. Who knows?  One of you may decide to make that tooth bear pillow or whip up the yummy dressing I pinned over the weekend.  That's my favorite thing about it.  Pinterest connects all of us and allows us to choose what will inspire us to it our dinner menu for the week, a new color for that bathroom wall, the way you hang your family photographs, or restyle an old outfit.  Whatever strikes your fancy. So if you have that nagging voice telling you that you should be better than Martha Stewart, I encourage you to tell it to get out of here and take its complicatedly-perfect-heart-shaped-triple-layered cake with it.  Don't allow Pinterest to be a place that overwhelms but rather let it be a place that inspires you to create a little more fully...however simple or complicated that may be.  I promise, you'll love it!  If you're on pinterest, leave your info below for us to follow.  And you can follow me along HERE! Happy Pinning:)

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