Halfway Done & Adventures in NYC!

It's hard to believe we've made it to this point.  We'll officially be halfway through law school this time next week and en route to NYC to celebrate!  It'll be an entirely different trip from last year when Remy and I ventured to the city without Greg. R was only 5 months old, and I was asked on a few occasions how I made it with a breastfeeding baby walking the freezing cold streets of the big city.   I had lots of extra hands (both of my sisters and my dad were with us!) which certainly helped.  With some proper planning, it can be the best trip because babies sleep a lot and aren't mobile making it the perfect age for you to get around. Maison Everett Blog | new york city with a baby, traveling to new york with baby, tips for travel to nyc with baby My takeaways from traveling to New York City with a baby...If there's an early morning flight, take it.  The earlier the better because it means you'll have to wake baby up earlier than normal so he'll hopefully fall asleep on the plane (see above;) You can either wear baby in a carrier and/or bring your stroller which you can have gate checked.

Have a great stroller.  We used ours all day everyday.  It doubles as a portable bed:)  Even if I was wearing Remy, I had the stroller because it meant he could nap while we were out and we didn't have to go back to put him to sleep.  You can even rent one once you get there!

There are no car seats in cabs.  It's true!  And it's the norm there so don't be too alarmed.  We only took a cab to/from the airport and one other time when it was late, and we were ready to be home.  Your baby simply rides on your lap (see bottom right photo above).

The subways are your friend.  Who knew there were elevators in most of the subway stations?  It's amazing.  And if you find yourself needing to get off on a subway stop that doesn't have one you'll be surprised to see how many people quickly offer to help you get your stroller up the stairs.

Go out to eat.  Your little one can sleep in the stroller right next to your table, or if she's awake, take turns passing her back and forth at the table.  We went to an amazing dinner one night, and yes, he cried for about 5 minutes while he tried to fall asleep because it was past bedtime.  I got a few stares but I also got to enjoy an incredible meal that was well worth a few minutes of chaos.

Walk, walk, walk.  The best part of the city to me is that you can walk everywhere.  Want to go to the park?  How about a walk over Brooklyn Bridge?  Or exploring a new area of the city you haven't visited?  The beauty of being in the city with a baby is that you don't have to have an agenda.  You can simply walk around, take breaks at a little park or in a cafe for a coffee.

Breastfeed.  Whenever, wherever. Don't let this stop you from traveling anywhere!  I fed Remy in Central Park sitting on a bench, at our fancy dinner in a smaller room off the dining area, on the subway, on the plane...it adds to the ease of being on the go.  Bring a cover or blanket with you in the stroller.Maison Everett Blog | new york city with a baby, traveling to new york with baby, tips for travel to nyc with babyAs you can imagine, several things on that list will change from traveling with a little baby to an active toddler!  Since Remy is very mobile and aware of his surroundings now, the entire city will be our playground.  Greg can't wait to explore the Museum of Natural History (hello life-size dinosaurs!).  I can't wait to enjoy lunch at Brooklyn Farmacy (I'll take a pink poodle float and gooey grilled cheese, please!).  We both can't wait to explore Williamsburg with my sis and her hubs, to drink amazing cappuccinos and hot cocoas, to see Remy bundled up romping around chilly Central Park, and to simply enjoy our much needed time all together.  If you have any suggestions for us we'd love to hear them.  And I'll be sure to share takeaways from this trip once we get back home!

Here's our recap from last year's trip. Here's a great list of activities to do with toddlers in the city.

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