Friday Favorites & WE ARE DONE!

lastdaylawschoolIt's our FAVORITE week of the year!  Not only did Greg finish his finals but his brother also returned home safely from Afghanistan.  It's been a crazy year for us all.  I will eventually share more on our experience and how we got through this first year of law school with a newborn (it wasn't an easy road). But this week is one of joy!  What better way to welcome mother's day?  We are so thankful.  Anyway, enough about us...on to the favorites!  Here's the rundown I've gathered for the week.  I've added a few more than usual to make up for little R's and mine being the same one;) For little R and myself... DADDY FINISHING HIS FIRST YEAR OF LAW SCHOOL! (and date night for mama&daddy!)

For all the mamas & mamas-to-be... perusing this site full of informed, smart decision buys for our babes reading through cold & allergy remedies compatible with breastfeeding pinning DIY blocks, baby mittens, and photo gift tags sharing edna adan's mother's day project (watercolor print for a great cause) downloading a beautiful may calendar for my iPad

Enjoy!  And I wish you a beautiful Mother's Day weekend showered with lots of love and little kisses!  xo...*holly.

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Nothing But Blue Skies

Nothing But Blue Skies