Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  This week has been rainy, rainy...every single day.  But we haven't let that slow us down.  There's much to be thankful for like celebrating little R's baptism and 6 month birthday.  We've also tried to get in a lot of family time because the hubby starts law school again next week.   Any extra free time I've had has been spent studying my Alpha curriculum in order to teach my first childbirth class at the end of this month.  I can't wait!  What is Alpha, you ask?   Well according to their site, "Our class is everything that you would get at a hospital childbirth education class and MUCH more. You will learn how to stay low risk and what to expect in labor, but you will also learn how to make informed decisions, the truth about the “slippery slope” of interventions, why the United States’ c-section rate is one of the highest in the world and how best to avoid one, how to relax, how to stay in control (mentally and physically), how to rely on God’s word to stay focused, how to care for your infant and how to succeed at breastfeeding. You will laugh, learn and pray with other believers while becoming informed and empowered together. We will help you replace fear with faith, tension & pain with relaxation and confusion with knowledge. If you REALLY want to know “what to expect when expecting,” join us!"  Alpha is the course I decided on for our birth, and it was absolutely wonderful.  I kept thinking, "I wish more women knew all of this great information!"  So here I am;)  There is currently no similar option to this in Louisiana.  My hope is to share my knowledge and passion with other moms/couples who will be interested in a Christ-centered birth, free of fear and anxiety and full of hope and empowerment.  If you or anyone you know may be interested please email me.  You don't have to be a certain denomination... it's available to any and all that have an open mind toward their birth!  Now, on to our favorites for the week...

For little R (26 weeks)... being baptized and celebrating with family & friends! listening to Mumford and Sons nonstop with daddy sleeping 11+ hour nights;)

For myself... cooking spinach orzo salad &  homemade cole slaw for little R's baptism creating this golden pinterest inspiration board watching the season premier of Downtown Abbey

For all the mamas & mamas-to-be... loving a baby birthday banner, awesome handmade bibs, and a boat sandbox! learning about breech tilt to help flip breech babies sharing a cute and free baby banner print!

And for us all...loving these illustrations from Holly Hollon...

I hope you have a great weekend!  xoxo.....*holly.

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