Friday Favorites & Chicken Coop Inspiration

chicken coops, beautiful chicken coops Hi friends! Do y'all have big plans for Memorial Day weekend? I think we'll be taking on the task of creating our chicken coop in the backyard! Yes, we live in the city...and we're getting chickens. It's really not as crazy as it sounds;) While I love buying our eggs from the farmer's market every weekend, I can't help but think it'd be all the more adventurous and exciting to literally go right outside our back door and get eggs from our own little hens. We already have an old dog pen set up nearby our garden that's waiting to be made into something useful. I'll be photographing our coop building process and keep you posted on how it goes. In the meantime, feel free to share your backyard chicken ventures with us in the comments if you have any! Oh, and join me in drooling over how gorgeous the above chicken coop and garden spaces are. A girl can dream (even about beautiful chicken coops), right? Now on to our favorites for the week... For little R (10 months 2 weeks)… standing solo for a few seconds (just this morn!) teething on his go ga ga chewy teether eating yogurt with sweet potatoes, chicken, strawberries, and turnips!

For myself… receiving Gwenyth's It's All Good cookbook in the mail (thanks, sister!) thinking our chickens will need their very own name plate gathering thoughts on my new website launch (coming in August)

For all the mamas & mamas-to-be… sharing this mama's approach to eating like french folks, kinda being inspired by this DIY Play & Masks ( I especially love the photos) following mamas @silvanadifranco & @ginnyau via instagram for daily inspiration

Enjoy the long weekend!  xo...*holly.

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Your Joy May be Full

Your Joy May be Full

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