Friday Favorites & Some News

Hello, my dears!  It has been a whirlwind these past few weeks.  At the end of March, I took my first trip away for a few days without little R.  I flew out to Utah to attend FIND, a film photography workshop.  The hardest part about leaving was the goodbye at the airport.  He just looked at me smiling and not realizing that mama wasn't going to be with him for a few days.  It made my heart sink.  Have any of you ever experienced that?  Thankfully, the trip itself was wonderful (though exhausting at the same time;).  I went with the hope of having time to completely focus on work efforts and what that looks like for the upcoming years while Greg is still in school.  Little did I know what would fully transpire from that trip.  It became all the more clear that continuing to pursue my childhood photography business, while I absolutely love it, is not the best choice for our family at this time.  It's a bittersweet feeling...closing one chapter but knowing I have peace to focus on what matters most for us right now.  Since having a baby and a husband in law school, I have been trying to figure out what works so I can be fully present for them but also enables me to grow and flourish my creative side.  I need to do something that allows me flexibility and more time home - not scheduling in sessions, travel, etc - something I can do even with little R playing in the background.  That's where my newest venture of calligraphy and hand lettering comes in.  I've been sharing some of my progress over the past few months, and it has surprisingly brought in inquiries that I never expected to come of it.  The more I mulled it over I began to realize that indeed this is the craft for me during this season of life.  And so I am excited to share my newest venture with y'all... katherineholly01 What does all of this mean for Katherine Holly Photography and Take Flight?  The main change is that I won't be pursuing new clients for KHP anymore.  This doesn't mean I won't be photographing at all!  And it doesn't mean I won't photograph your newborn or little one if you ask me;)  I have sessions lined up through this year, and I look forward to each and every one.  I'm simply freeing myself from the burden of being owner to a childhood photography business (its more work that one may imagine).  I'm hoping that more creative, personal work comes as a result.  And as for this little blog space I've come to love - where if you are even reading this you may be my only reader (thanks for sticking around!) - I'm excited to see it take flight and really become my personal space to share mama musings and my passion for childbirth + childhood related inspirations.  Speaking of, I think it's time to share this week's favorites with you...

For little R (9 months!)… weighing in at 21.5 lbs (have I mentioned he likes to eat?) playing in the tupperware cabinet while mama cook spending time outside while mama plants our veggies

For myself... agreeing with several of these living space deal breakers entering this giveaway (and you should, too!)taking 5 tips for staying creative to heart reading through living well spending less For all the mamas & mamas-to-be… sharing Making It Work (an online resource for breastfeeding mom) creating lifesize scrabble pieces for summer funthinking idea of a DIY balloon chandelier would be precious for a little one's bday!

A new calligraphy+hand lettering website is in the works, and it should launch sometime this summer.  If you or anyone you know is interested in my work please email me:  I am offering great deals before the website launch. Happy weekend!  xo...*holly.

Mother's Day Cards

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