Friday Favorites

take flight blog, katherine holly photography, dears, it is Friday!  I hate to say it (for the sake of those still in the cold snowy cities) but it has been a gorgeous week.  Is it just me or does the weather have a way of playing with your emotions?  While I find a cold, dreary day a great excuse to leave the to do list behind and stay snuggled in bed, I can only take so much before my entire being starts to feel cold and dreary.  It makes me thankful for weeks like this one.   As I was gathering my favorites for today I found myself revisiting past posts to see how this little project has taken shape.  I couldn't believe that it's been nearly 5 months since the first friday favorite post.  To see the ways in which little R has grown, the ideas or writings that have inspired me and perhaps some of you...these are the reason I will continue to do this.  It really has served as a personal record to show how much change, however big or small, can happen in one week.  When our day-to-days seem monotonous and routine, this project pushes me to think bigger than that.  And so here we are another week with a few favorites that helped me to do just that... For little R… taking notes on How to be Two (the most precious little video) playing outside on this perfect outdoor blanket dancing to Originator by Brooke Waggoner (Ink Slinger is his fave;)

For myself… thinking about The Pursuit of Happiness and then... listening to what the Bible teaches us about The Search for Happiness  cooking a whole chicken & making homemade stock in the slower cooker (its super easy!)

For all the mamas & mamas-to-be… sharing a great prenatal yoga podcast wishing we could all getaway to this french countryside b&b thinking about spring gardening, cute rock labels, & a great bascis of herbs illustration

Don't forget to set a reminder that we spring forward this weekend...spring is just around the corner!  Any plans to begin a garden this year?  I'd love to know what you'll be doing.  Enjoy the weekend! xoxo...*holly.

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