Friday Favorites

When the going gets tough...grandma comes to town!  Okay, that doesn't happen very often.  But this week it did.  And I was so thankful.  It's an interesting season of life for us with the huz in school full time (up at 4am studying, out the door at 7am and home in time for bed around 9pm) and me juggling the delicate balance between work-at-home/stay-at-home mom.  All the while we are trying to relate to one another, to be new parents together, to love each other and little R.  I'd be fooling myself (and any of you who happen to read this) if I pretended to be strong and independent and capable. Quite the opposite actually.  I am weak and dependent, and I find myself really lonely a lot of days.  Thankfully, I meet with a group of moms once a week, and that time with them rejuvenates my soul.  It's an every week favorite.  But this week was especially lovely.  We are going through a study together about intentionally fulfilling the Lord's calling in our lives to motherhood.  Our reading for the week was on meditation - moving from a more objective view of things to a personal conversation with God through Bible Study and prayer.  I love St. Augustine's idea of meditation being "the soul's ascent into God" because I visualize my soul not only in communion with God but indwelling in Him.  In such a place it's impossible for me to feel alone or weak and incapable.  That's been my favorite this week...spending time musing on the wonders of our Lord and being reminded that He has a plan for our little family.  This season is part of it.  And even on the tough days when I feel alone or defeated, He sends small blessings to remind me that He is faithful.  What a relief that brings me as I close out this week.  As for the other favorites for the week... For little R… (32 weeks) playing with grandma & showing her all his new tricks! rocking on his hands and knees (but no crawling yet...)

For myself… having grandma in town & spending time with other mamas learning about the correlation between the Gospel and prayer listening to Indelible Grace pandora station

For all the mamas & mamas-to-be… finding this precious wooly baby slipper etsy shop reading Slyvia Plath's Morning Song (a beautiful poem she wrote as a new mother) making a DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

  Any plans for the weekend?  I hope you enjoy it.  xoxo...*holly

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