Friday Favorites

This week our favorites come as a result of pulling myself out of a rut.  Do you ever feel like you're ready to take a step forward only to find yourself getting stuck mid step?  It happens to me whenever I lose structure to my day and wind up completing tasks half heartedly.  These days I find myself falling short at both work and mama duties because I can't quite figure out a healthy balance.  When this happens, I like to complain how everything around me is the problem...certainly not me, right?  I am thankful my husband doesn't take it personally;)  Well, yesterday I was reminded of a quote that Emily Ley once wrote about on her blog shortly after becoming a mama all the while wearing a million other hats to maintain her business.  I hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection.  With that thought in mind, I loaded little R into the car and decided that the day would be spent free from the burden of perfection and feeling overwhelmed when things didn't go as planned.  We went to visit with some mamas that are very dear to me, and then spent much of the afternoon outside because the weather was absolutely beautiful.  I stopped thinking about all that had to get done and allowed myself the grace to just be.  It was wonderful.  It's stepping away and readjusting my mentality that inevitably gets me moving forward again.  I find myself desiring to work more efficiently, live intentionally, and stop thinking about myself.  Even this activity of sharing Friday Favorites is a lesson to push through the rut, to see beauty in something from our week.  In doing so, I stop dwelling on where I fall short, and start being inspired by the goodness and beauty all around like a simple weekday walk with my little R on a beautiful afternoon, which tops my favorite for the week. For little R... (29 weeks) rolling from back to stomach!  (this is a big feat for our little chunker;) playing with his Under the Nile fruit and veggie friends spending lots of time outside in the beautiful weather For myself... spending time with little R outside loving this pathway in Provence and this gorgeous breezy room sleeping soundly in our new bed perusing  The Makers, a photo project by Jennifer Causey  For all the mamas & mamas-to-be... sharing cute free fonts from breanna rose reading this mama's decision for a scheduled c-section visiting that same mama's  little vintage shop

 The image above is a beautiful reminder from Emily Ley. Enjoy the weekend, friends.  xoxo.....*holly

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