Friday Favorites

*I'm starting a new weekly post called Friday Favorites!  Feel free to skip down to simply view the list, or if you are interested in reading my long winded tangent on how I decided to do so, here goes...;)  This week has proved itself the most consistent yet since little R was born.  He will be 4 months next week.  As of last weekend I started to note that he was becoming more consistent on his own with when he wanted to eat, sleep and wake.  I started re-reading through my sleep book as well as various blogs with 3-month old sample schedules.  I came to realize that many of them say similar things .  By 3 months babies are capable of self soothing and learning a routine.  Most would argue that they need routine similar to how they need food and rest.  That to say, I decided to sort of create our own method by combining what I thought would work based on R's personality.  As I type this, he is sleeping soundly after having self soothed himself to sleep (no crying! just a little sucking on his hand).  It's amazing, really.  For us it took two days or so for him to be okay with going down alone before falling asleep.  He never cried more than 10 minutes (which he actually only did once).  A part of me feels like my desire to go in, sweep him up and cuddle him at the onset of a cry is more for my comfort than his because for the past 3 days he consistently sleeps for atleast an hour at every nap, 4 times a day.  He has also gone down to sleep at night by 7:30, and sleeps until 4am with a dream-feed at 10:00pm (he doesn't wake, but I wake/change/feed him).  Now...we're going off this past week alone so I'll update you if anything changes;) With this consistency has also come sanity for mama!  After the first night when he went down at 7:30 I didn't know what to do with myself.  I am usually either exhausted or hurrying to get something done in the chance he might awaken in a couple of hours.  That hasn't been the case since starting this schedule.  I've had time to read, to write a few letters and send some birthday packages, to work on my calligraphy and to journal.  All of which got me thinking about this new "Friday Favorites".  It gives me a way to look back and reflect on the week, to see the small things that have grown me as a person, not just as a mama, in the past week.  I don't pressure myself for it to be anything big but just something...anything that inspires or encourages or makes me a better mama by my growing in other areas of life, too.  It also serves as a personal record of how much change can happen in a short week.  I'll share my favorites for little R, for myself and for all the mamas & mamas-to-be out there.  Feel free to check in every Friday to see what I've been learning about or inspired by throughout the week!

For little R... reading Dr. Seuss, "I Can Read with My Eyes Shut" loving his Baby Bjorn Bouncer (he can finally kick in it himself, and he LOVES it) listening to Yeasayer Pandora's his favorite;) playing with Kushies Zolo Boa Stacking Rings

For myself... reading  "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" listening to Chelsey Scott's new album, "The Faithful"  thinking about taking this online calligraphy course 

For all the mamas & mamas-to-be... reading Manhattan's Rockstar Doula loving Henry's vintage nursery pinning a french birthdaycostume ideasteepees!and just plain cuteness;)

And because I can't leave a post without an image or two. This cute guy turns 5 today. Happy to YOU, Simon! and Happy Weekend, all.  xoxo...*holly

Happy Halloween!

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