Enjoy the Weekend + An Update on Israel

Maison Everett Blog, Katherine Holly CalligraphyIts a week full of many emotions here at Maison Everett.  Our house is nearly packed, our chickens have gone to their new home and we've started saying goodbyes to faces we know we won't see again for quite some time. We've officially made it through ten long weeks of Greg working in Houston for the summer.  He finally comes home today!  Come next week we'll be out of this home preparing for the adventure that awaits us.  Speaking of which, I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts with those of you who have been asking and worrying about our safety.  If you don't know already, we're moving abroad in a few weeks for Greg to finish his final year of law school studying abroad at Tel Aviv University.  We'll be in Amman, Jordan, for 6 weeks before going to Tel Aviv, Israel, starting October 1.  And then we'll be back home in time for him to graduate with his class at LSU.  Why Israel?  Greg has been interested in the Middle East for years.  He blames it on watching Indiana Jones one too many times as a kid;)  We wanted to choose a place that allows him to take classes pertaining to his specific interests as well as give him the opportunity to study Arabic, which he's been learning for a couple of years now.  We also wanted a metropolitan city where I felt safe to enjoy time with Remy without fear lingering in my mind.  We know that choosing to move to any city in the Middle East brings along with it a certain amount of uncertainty, partly because it is very different from the western culture we're acclimated to living in. Oh, and then there's a chance of war...like what's happening between Israel and Hamas right now.  Here's a live blog of the past 18 days of the chaos that's been going on.  It's hard for me to write about our personal concerns because the situation is so incredibly complicated and sad.  Here's a letter that explains it better than I possibly can. But the point of this isn't to get into the details of the tension between Israel and Hamas.  It's to let you know that we are overly aware of what's going on there right now, and we're being very thoughtful - and prayerful - in our decision to go abroad.  I was texting with a friend just yesterday whose currently living an hour from Amman, Jordan.  She reassured me that life hasn't been affected in any way by the conflict currently taking place in Gaza and Israel.  We'll be in Amman until the end of September, which gives us two more months to decide if Tel Aviv is where we should be come October 1.  That may not sound like a lot of time to us as Americans, but as history has shown itself, particularly in regards to Israel, these conflicts typically phase out and then are followed with a period of peace.  We've been in touch with the university where Greg will be studying as well as a few friends who live in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  They have all shared more realistic opinions on the current situation rather than what the news shares with us.  All correspondence with them leaves us confident that we're not supposed to shut down the idea of going.  Not yet anyway.  We're not trying to make a point by going.  We want to make a decision based on confidence rather than fear - one way or the other.  We know that all signs have pointed toward this being the place for our family during this next year, and until we feel it isn't right, we'll take it each day at a time moving forward.  I'll continue to update here, and if all goes as planned, I look forward to sharing our family's experience with each of you.  In the meantime, we'll be packing, prepping and savoring time with sweet family and friends.  I can't believe we're saying goodbye to our Cherrydale home.  Here's Remy a few months young and then just this week in the kitchen sink (we really did spend so much of the past two years in this kitchen).  This sweet little home will always hold the memories of life with our first born... Maison Everett Blog Maison Everett Blog Enjoy the weekend, sweet friends.  And thank you to each of you who've written or called this week to check in on our plans.  We love you, too.  xoxo, *holly.

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