"Dirty Dozen" & Buying Organic

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 To follow up on this week's earlier post, I wanted to share 'the dirty dozen' with you. Even if you don't buy into the organic movement (because let's face it, it can be expensive and perhaps unnecessary for some foods) it may be worth a little time to read about the foods most affected by the chemicals and pesticides used on non-organic produce.  When it comes to the foods pictured above, I try buy organic if they aren't available at my local farmers market, and believe it or not, if they are in season the prices are comparable with their non-organic alternatives.   If you have the time to create a small garden, that is another great alternative for getting some of these delicious foods into your diet without the worry of where they came from.  It can be a fun activity with the kiddos!  Here is a great site that goes into more detail on each of the foods listed in the dirty dozen (though I will note that the information on the first page is misleading.  Organic doesn't equal pesticide-free.  It simply means that any pesticides used are naturally derived instead of synthetic like those used for conventional farming).  And the above illustration was created by petite alma for their "eat well & be nice" column on their blog.  I love it and the beautiful colors.  What are your thoughts on what foods to buy organic for your family? 

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