Creative Birth Announcements

birth announcement ideas, creative birth announcements, birth announcementsIt's true.  We didn't send out birth announcements for little R.  Between moving cities (when he was 5 days old!), Greg starting law school, and my adjusting to work/mama routine, well, I admit birth announcements were not at the top of my to do list.  We decided to include one of our family photographs from when little R was two weeks old in our Christmas card along with an updated photo of him so family and friends could see the little chunk he was becoming.  All that to say, I do love the idea of sending out a birth announcement especially when loved ones tend to be spread across the states.  These are a few of my favorite ideas I have seen lately.  Did you send out an announcement?  Was it traditional or do you have another creative idea to share with us? links clockwise from top left: one | two | three | four

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