Levi James | A Birth Story

It's hard to believe that 3 months have passed since little Levi James joined us here in the world.  His birth was my first experience as a doula.  My best friend and her husband entrusted me with the task of being their doula for the birth, and I am so thankful they did.  I can't really explain the emotion of being present at a birth and watching life enter the world -- it is the most beautiful and fulfilling of moments. A little background on the birth story:  Britney was scheduled to deliver January 6th.  I was planning to drive to Shreveport from New Orleans on January 2nd and stay until little man decided to arrive.  Well, on New Years Day I received a call from Jordan around 5:30am...Britney was in labor.  It was go time, and I had to drive 5 hours to get to them!  Her labor began in the early morning around 3am and progressed rather quickly for a first time birth.  She spent much of the time at home in the tub, which helped relieve the pain that came and went.  Jordan assisted her perfectly during this time.  I would call to check in while I was driving and could barely believe the progress being made.  I almost feared that I wouldn't make it in time to see him arrive!  They continued home labor until around 9:30am once contractions were over a minute long and just a few minutes apart.  I finally arrived around 11am as Britney was nearing transition and push time.  For the next two hours, contractions became stronger and stronger and she came through each one like a warrior (yes, this is how I would describe it to people afterward...a woman in labor without the aid of any drugs and simply allowing her body to do what it is made to do...sounds like a warrior to me!).  When we could see little Levi's head in the birth canal is when it became real for the rest of us.  I was able to show her a photo of him so that she could see just how far she had come and how close she was to holding him in her arms.  A few solid pushes later, and indeed he was here.  Levi James Smith, born on January 1st, 2012, at 12:46pm.  This month we're celebrating his 3 month old birthday as well as 3 months until he gets to meet his already best friend, our little Remy.  I don't think I could have prepared for my labor in a more perfect way than being there while Britney gave birth.  I can't wait to experience what she says is the most powerful and fulfilling day of her and Jordan's life... Congratulations to the Smith family on all the joy they are experiencing from the miracle of new life!  Thank you for allowing me to enter into such an intimate time with you to join in the celebration and thanksgiving. 

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