As A Mother...

It's been a weekend of heartache.  As I continue to reflect on the events from Friday morning, I realize there is little to be said.  Words cannot ease the pain or bring back loved ones for those families.  It brings me to a place of humility.  I find myself snuggling longer with little R, taking in each moment I am given with him.  As a mother, there is no greater gift than caring for the life of your little ones.  As a mother, we hope to shield our little ones from the pain and suffering of this world.  As a mother, we mourn with other mothers when the suffering occurs.  I find myself understanding a little more what this new role of motherhood is about.  It is scary but strangely beautiful.  Somehow it connects us all and reminds me that I am not alone.  Motherhood calls me to carry the burden of other mothers when their load is too heavy and painful.  It leads me to prayer.  It reminds me of the many blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us, and there truly is no greater gift than that of being a mother...motherhood-blog02motherhood-blog10motherhood-blog04 motherhood-blog06motherhood-blog08motherhood-blog03

Thank you to Jamie Clayton for the last photo on the left, and Britney Smith for the last photo on the right.  These are moments I will forever cherish of little R and myself. xo...*holly.


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